Achieving Development Excellence: The Role of IP Questions in the Phase Gate Model

This webinar focuses on the vital role of integrating intellectual property (IP) considerations into the development process’s phase gate model. It highlights common IP-related challenges that companies may encounter after product launches, underscoring the necessity of proactive IP management.  

The co-hosts of the webinar and patent experts, Dimitris Giannoccaro and Claes Pantzar discuss practical solutions for executing IP actions to reduce the risk of infringement and unnecessary duplication. How can you create input for a future clearance report that gives the company the confidence of Freedom to Operate (FTO)? The webinar outlines essential IP questions to incorporate into the phase gate model and stresses the significance of continuous monitoring and collaboration. 

More specifically, the webinar addressed the following main topics.  

Why do we need to implement a correct development process?  

  • Avoid infringement.  

Check that we are not infringing other patents and take remedy actions. 

  • Block others 

Protect the innovative and business-relevant aspects which are developed in the project. 

  • Other duties 

Ensure the project team has proper IP awareness, uphold secrecy agreements with partners and customers, and identify opportunities/needs for licensing in.

Using IP information is saving engineering time & costs 

What is the development process: 

  • Pre- project stage 

Feasibility check. 

  • Development Stage 

Definition of novel features. 

  • Pre-production stage 

Produce test and evaluation prior to production.  

  • New Product 

Phase Gate Model

When questioned, more than half of our attendees replied that they don’t use a phase gate model. During the webinar a use case for the phase gate mode was presented, using six gates.  

In short, a phase gate model and be divided into three different stages: 

  1. Ideation, Scoping & Business Case 
  1. Development 
  1. Commercialization 

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