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Innovation in Action: Impactful Case Studies

In this section, we showcase a collection of insightful case studies that demonstrate how our features have made a significant impact on our clients' businesses. From overcoming challenges to driving growth, our case studies offer valuable insights into our expertise and the solutions we offer in handling your Intellectual Property matters.

Transforming IP Management With IamIP: A User-Friendly Approach to Securing Freedom to Operate

The Uhlmann Group stands as a beacon of innovation, committed to ensuring the integrity and safety of packaged sensitive goods. This commitment to innovation and responsibility extends beyond physical packaging to the realm of intellectual property management. The journey to safeguarding freedom to operate in a competitive market led Uhlmann to the IamIP platform. We uncover the impact of IamIP on Uhlmann Group’s IP management, highlighting its contribution to improved organizational structures, sharpened IP awareness, and the establishment of a user-friendly platform.

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From Papers to Pixels: TRUMPF’s Digital Transformation in Patent Management

TRUMPF, a renowned market and technology leader in machine tools and lasers for industrial manufacturing, has been shaping the industrial world for almost a century. Being the driving force behind the realization of the Smart Factory concept TRUMPF’s innovative spirit knows no bounds, unlocking technological possibilities for present and future generations. In this case study, we delve into how TRUMPF faced patent management challenges and went from using two distinct patent platform software solutions and relying on cumbersome PDF files for communication to adopting IamIP’s platform and entering a new era of streamlined and digitalized patent management.

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The future of patent monitoring: Sartorius’ success story with IamIP’s AI Patent Categorizer.

Sartorius AG, a long-standing client of ours, understands the importance of effectively monitoring and evaluating patents. However, reviewing and categorizing new patents can be a time-consuming and laborious task especially with the number of patent documents that are published every week. Both IamIP and Sartorius have a common understanding of that, and for this reason decided to collaborate to develop a feature that will enhance the user experience on the platform and that will make the patent monitoring easier and faster.

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