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You can try IamIP, one of the world’s most innovative patent search, monitoring & analytics platforms. We help companies and law firms collaborate to understand industry trends and competitor activity in order to drive business impact and boost innovation.
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    Unlocking the future of patent intelligence: why IamIP is going further than IPsurvey

    Experience a more modern and user-friendly interface, collaborate effortlessly with your team, and enjoy an all-in-one, secure environment. Discover how IamIP stands out in every aspect, from direct access to full patent documents to customizable databases and real-time legal status updates.

    Access to Full Patent

    Database Customization and Workflows

    User-Friendly Updates and Security


    Why IamIP is a good alternative to IPsurvey

    Make the switch today for an unparalleled patent search and monitoring experience.
    Database customization and workflows

    With IamIP, you have the power to create customized databases with workflows, full documents, and instant translations.

    User-friendly updates and security

    IamIP empowers users to update their search profiles independently, without relying on external agencies. Plus, it offers a secure, all-in-one environment with no external redirects.

    Access to full patent documents

    IPsurvey redirects users to EspaceNet for full patent documents, while IamIP provides direct access to complete documents without any redirections. Get the information you need hassle-free.

    User management

    IamIP allows you to create various user types with different rights, offering flexibility for collaboration. IPsurvey only supports a single user type, limiting your control.

    Direct PDF downloads

    IamIP ensures seamless access to PDF documents directly from the platform. IPsurvey, on the other hand, redirects users to EspaceNet, adding unnecessary steps to the process.

    Digital patent library

    IamIP's patent library is fully digital and up to date, ensuring you have access to the most current patent information.

    Legal status and notifications

    IamIP goes the extra mile by providing patent legal status information and allowing users to set up status change notifications. This critical feature is unavailable on IPsurvey.

    Modern, collaborative interface

    Experience a more modern and user-friendly interface on IamIP, designed for seamless collaboration with your team and collaborators.

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    Key features of IamIP

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    Deja-Vu Function

    Find out instantly if you have already saved a patent in a portfolio and save time


    Robust and reliable storage system, that is updated live and ensures your data is always safe and accessible

    Customer Support

    Our dedicated team is always ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have through our live chat, meetings, mail and phone.

    User Types

    We offer multiple user roles with varying levels of access, ensuring that each user has the appropriate permissions to perform their tasks.


    Work in a safe environment, with advanced security measures in place to protect your data and information.


    We provide you with customizable workflows that streamline your business processes and increase efficiency.

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    Our team of experts will be glad to guide you through our platform

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    Our team of experts will be thrilled to guide you through our tool

      If you are an already existing customer, please contact us at: [email protected]