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The future of patent monitoring

Sartorius' success story with IamIP's AI Patent Categorizer.

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    What is inside the case study?

    Reviewing and categorizing new patents can be a time-consuming and laborious task especially with the number of patent documents that are published every week. Both IamIP and Sartorius have a common understanding of that, and for this reason decided to collaborate to develop a feature that will enhance the user experience on the platform and that will make the patent monitoring easier and faster.
    The challenges

    Navigating the vast landscape of patent developments can be a daunting task for organizations seeking to stay ahead in their respective industries. Explore the challenges faced in weekly patent monitoring, that led to the development of this feature

    The process

    Get an in-depth look at the workflow and the steps that will be followed to set up the AI Patent Categorizer and get the best results for an enhanced and efficient monitoring.

    Use cases

    Find out in which cases the AI Patent Categorizer can be utilized in, along with the expected outcomes that will offer you the best benefits.

    The results

    Get a look at the results Sartorius got after using the AI Patent Categorizer. This case study presents the impact it had on the company's daily routine with some measurable findings.

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