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The future of workflow digitalization

TRUMPF's Digital Transformation in Patent Management

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Discover how TRUMPF transformed their patent management

    What is inside the case study?

    TRUMPF's mission is to enhance production technology, making it more efficient, precise, and future-proof. By doing so, the company aims to elevate manufacturing and its associated processes to new levels of efficiency. Discover how TRUMPF went from using two distinct patent platform software solutions and relying on cumbersome PDF files for communication to adopting IamIP’s platform and entering a new era of streamlined and digitalized patent management.
    The challenges

    Managing intellectual property processes can be a daunting task for organizations seeking to stay ahead in their respective industries. Explore the challenges faced by TRUMPF in their patent management that led them to choose IamIP's Patent Platform.

    Features and solutions

    Explore which key features offered a unique combination of technical and non-technical solutions that closely aligned with TRUMPF's requirements.

    Use cases

    Find out in which are the success stories that underscored the transformative impact of TRUMPF's transition to IamIP.

    The results

    Get a look at the results TRUMPF got after using IamIP. This case study presents the impact it had on the company's daily routine.

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