Unlocking Innovation: Building Your Company’s Patent and Technology Database with IamIP

This webinar focuses on providing you with best practices for creating and managing patent databases. Valuable insights are given on enhancing your existing database or embarking on a journey to build one from scratch.

Industry experts Viktor Rudolf, IamIP’s Co-founder and CPO, and Zack Amir, Patentest Co-founder and IP Expert, guide you through the crucial aspects of leveraging results from your external search provider or monitoring to create and maintain an internal patent and technology database using the IamIP platform.

By watching this webinar, you can get an understanding of the diverse benefits an internal patent database offers to decision-makers within your organization and learn how to harness the power of an internal database for intellectual property management, driving innovation, and safeguarding your ideas.

More specifically, the webinar addressed the following main topics:

What are the challenges?

  • Overcoming organizational and technological hurdles in IP management
    • Cross-department collaboration
    • Diverse purposes
    • Creating a unified database
  • Navigating the complexities of patent management
    • Longevity and relevance
    • Managing relevant publications
    • Project-specific organization

How do we solve it?

  • Building structured IP storage with folders and portfolios
  • Simplifying IP management with smart tagging, ranking and drop-down menus
  • Utilizing tagging and ranking for internal collaboration and decision-making

What could be the setup of storage structure?

Centralized approach

By support of Tags, Ranks and Drop-Down Menus


  • Improved searchability
  • Ease of use and accessibility
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Transparency for leadership
  • No data duplication


  • Continuous maintenance needed
  • Complexity increases with size
  • Enhanced user training needed
  • Not possible to limit access for certain users
  • Risk of over-engineering

Decentalized approach

By support of Portfolios


  • One-dimensional purpose per portfolio
  • Ease of limiting data access for users
  • Quick setup


  • Sophisticated access rights management
  • Confusing and complicated storage structure
  • Duplicated storage of patents 
  • Limited knowledge sharing
  • Not possible to provide any level of granularity
  • Challenging to quickly find specific patents

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