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Maximize Success with Collaboration: Perspectives from a Patent Expert and a Patent Attorney

Are you a lone wolf or a teamplayer? Do you like to play golf alone or rugby in a team?

Intellectual property is a complex business that is hard to be handled by only one person at a company. However, it is still the case that an IP Manager or a patent engineer is responsible for all IP matters. IP and patents, which is a component to protect the business of a company, goes hand to hand with new developments and the engineering so that it is obvious that a R&D department or product and project management should be part of it. The questions arises why intellectual property is still not part of the whole.

Therefore, we would like to give you more insights about collaboration in your IP business and we would like to motivate you involving your colleagues in your IP strategy. Be curious to see how you can maximize your IP success through collaboration.

Furthermore, we are happy to announce that our IamIP tool expert and customer success lead Fabian Tanalski will discuss this subject-matter with the patent attorney Maximilian Knaus from WSL Patentanwälte who can give you more experience from the patent law firm site.

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