Working with IamIP in an In House Law Firm- Webinar in German

This year’s User Day Conference in Cologne took place on 28.09.2023 and this year focused specifically on German-speaking customers. As part of this conference, Mr. Daniel Knauer from TRUMPF gave a presentation, which was kindly also digitally recorded.

The presentation included a brief overview of the 100-year history of Trumpf, an insight into the development of an in-house office and the company’s work with the IamIP platform. Mr. Daniel Knauer particularly addresses the area of third-party protection monitoring and the sorting and management of relevant and irrelevant hits. A highlight of the presentation is the presentation of the centralized approach in the work with a global portfolio. The presentation also gives an insight into the importance of cooperation between different departments and especially the cooperation between R&D and the patent departments.

In summary, you will get ideas on the IP strategy of an in-house law firm, processes and cooperation of a large company and solutions for third-party protection monitoring.

The webinar was held in German you can get access to it here:

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