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We empower businesses to navigate complex intellectual property landscapes, mitigate risks, and capitalize on opportunities, ensuring compliance and fostering a conducive environment for sustainable business success.
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    Navigate IP risks, ensure compliance, and drive business success

    IamIP patent software monitors and analyzes in real time all patents filed in the world and provides actionable insights for its customers. IamIP's advanced patent management tools provide unparalleled support in navigating intellectual property risks, ensuring regulatory compliance, and help you achieve your business objectives with confidence and efficiency.

    Customized competitor monitoring

    Tailor your monitoring parameters to track competitor patent activities closely, enabling swift responses and informed decision-making.

    Patent landscape analysis

    Uncover potential infringement risks and identify opportunities with a thorough examination of the patent landscape relevant to your industry.

    Collaborative risk management

    Foster cross-functional collaboration among legal, R&D, and business teams to collectively address IP risks and ensure alignment with organizational objectives.

    Support and expert guidance

    Experience the support and expert guidance provided by IamIP's dedicated team throughout your freedom to operate journey.

    Secure your freedom to operate

    Real-time monitoring and alerts

    IamIP's real-time monitoring and alert system keeps you informed about any developments that could affect your freedom to operate. Receive timely notifications on competitor activities, legal status changes, and emerging threats, enabling you to respond proactively.

    Risk assessment and mitigation strategies

    IamIP assists in assessing and mitigating risks associated with intellectual property. From identifying potential infringement issues to developing proactive strategies, our platform empowers you to navigate legal challenges effectively.

    Collaborative decision-making

    IamIP facilitates collaborative decision-making among cross-functional teams involved in securing freedom to operate. Streamline communication, share insights, and align stakeholders to ensure a cohesive approach to managing IP risks.

    Comprehensive patent searches

    IamIP's comprehensive patent search capabilities enable you to identify potential risks and obstacles in your path to market. Leverage our vast database to conduct thorough searches and gain clarity on existing patents that could impact your operations.

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    Our team of experts will be thrilled to assist you.

      If you are an already existing customer, please contact us at: [email protected]