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IamIP's patent platform is tailored to meet the unique needs of law firms. Our platform offers real-time monitoring and analysis of global patent filings, delivering actionable insights specifically designed for legal professionals.
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    Empower your Law Firm's Capabilities with AI-Powered Insights

    IamIP patent software monitors and analyzes in real time all patents filed in the world and provides actionable insights for its customers. IamIP’s users can rely on a combination of superior data quality, global coverage, artificial intelligence based features, support of complex search queries and easy to use collaborative tools.

    Legal Monitoring Watch

    Stay updated on critical legal developments. Get access to jurisdictions including issued patents, published applications and related documents.

    Digitalized Workflow

    Enhance communication and efficiency between your team and clients. Streamline operations and reduce manual tasks for increased productivity.

    Dynamic Collaboration

    Share search results, annotate and comment on patent documents. Exchange information with colleagues and clients on a centralized platform.


    Access patent information from around the world in one place. Easily navigate global patent databases and obtain translations on the spot.

    Elevate Your Firm's Competitive Edge

    Improved Time Efficiency
    Cost-Effective Solutions
    Transition to a Digital Environment
    Streamlined Automation

    What our clients are saying about us

    roxtec logo

    We were actually looking for a search tool first – but as I was discussing IamIP with the R&D manager and the innovation manager: we realized that the sharing possibilities of the IamIP platform could be of great usage for us.

    Pernilla EdenPatent Attorney at Roxtec

    In IamIP, we have found a solution that helps us maintain an overview of our competitors' property rights in the highly dynamic environment aerospace engineering. It is a great benefit for us getting weekly updates on competitors and technologies, which saves us a lot of valuable time.

    Lufthansa Technik
    Valmet logo

    After evaluating many options, we have found a new collaboration platform – IamIP – that we are convinced will bring significant support to us.

    Roger JohanssonDirector IPR of Valmet
    melexis logo

    The platform is innovative in its user friendliness and advanced collaboration possibilities - we have not found anything like it before.

    Christian SchottGlobal Intellectual Property Manager at Melexis
    ingun logo

    We concluded that this platform and way of working saved us a lot of time and money.

    Frank SchwindtTechnology & IP Manager at INGUN

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    Our team of experts will be thrilled to assist you.

      If you are an already existing customer, please contact us at: [email protected]