Analysis of Intellectual Property Rights

Analysis of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) may reveal valuable information concerning competitor’s technology strategies. This information can be used to support business decision-making and to define the scope of research projects.

The first evidence of a new product or process may be a published patent application. A common way of getting further insight into competitor’s activity is to analyze their patent documents. But, as a typical analysis can contain a large number of documents, a manual process of analyzing this data set can be very time consuming and error-prone. To overcome these issues, the analysis feature has been developed specifically to help the user to execute the desired tasks in an automated and fast way.

The type of information that can be uncovered by patent analysis includes:  

  • Identification of competitors (or collaborators)  
  • Scope and direction of competitor R&D effort  
  • Competitor country filing strategies  
  • Evolution of a technological area  
  • Identification of key inventors  
  • Comparison between your patent portfolio and competitor patent portfolios 
analysis feature on the IAMIP platform


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