Bring an Idea to Life with the New IamIP Idea Database

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The former Invention Disclosure module is getting a major update, and we are now very excited to introduce the new IamIP Idea Database product. Many things have been improved to enhance your workflow and make it more streamlined and efficient.


What is the “IamIP Idea Database”?

The process of filing a patent always starts with an idea. However, further crucial steps are required to complete the patent filing process. Communication between inventors, Review Coordinators, Experts and Decision Makers during these steps can be challenging and take a considerable amount of time.

The IamIP Idea Database is a tool for centralizing all these process steps from the idea until filing a decision (e.g. filing a patent).

You can invite your collaborators, add ideas and filter through them, you can create your own Invention and Assessment forms, experts can review the filed information of the inventors and finally you can solidify your ideas for filing new patents.


What’s new?

The IamIP Idea Database has several new features that will simplify usage and increase effectiveness. What are those?

  • As the first improvement, we have introduced counters on the icons so that the users will know if they have open tasks or reviews. Counters will help guide the users and remind them of pending tasks or assessments.


  • Now, there’s a new color distinction between the collaborators depending on the status of their assessment. Your collaborator’s icon will be red if they have not made an assessment on a document yet, yellow if they have completed the assessment but it has not been approved yet and green if they have made their assessment and it has been approved.
  • As this tool is a knowledge database, every time someone submits their invention idea, they can also enrich it with some attachments or notes, whether these attachments are technical documents or some brochures. Now, there have been added counters on these icons as well, so the users will notice and utilize them while making their decisions.
  • The IamIP Idea Database offers a new text formatting feature. You may now format your input text in a variety of ways, such as bold or italic, and you can also include links, which is useful for directing someone to IamIP’s patents platform.
  • Now you can extract and download your invention documents with more information on them than was previously possible. Along with the primary inventor, co-inventors may also be added. Additionally, a significant footnote has been added that will help with confidentiality and transparency as it now prints the identity of the person who extracted the file on the page.
  • There are new flexible filtering options. Until now, the users were able to search using only one filter at a time. With the new updated version, you can be more flexible and use multiple filters according to your needs and your research.
  • Finally, there is a dedicated administration panel for the end users which is now updated with new and improved options connected to certain user types.


What are the advantages?

With the new IamIP Idea Database, you will be getting important gains such as:


  • Improved collaboration with a better distinction of pending assessments.
  • The Counter system enhances workflow efficiency by keeping track of unfinished tasks and providing attached documents to facilitate better navigation of the platform.
  • Saving time with more filtering options and combinations for more efficient searches.
  • The new footnote feature which was added will protect your privacy and prevent information leaks.

Creating new ideas, discussing your inventions with your experts and bringing your ideas to life, now, becomes easier and more efficient!

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You can also check out our presentation video of the IamIP Idea Database here:

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