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Empowering you with a comprehensive patent monitoring platform, seamless collaboration, and automated processes.
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Navigating patent data can be daunting, which is why we've made it our mission to simplify the process. With automated features and intuitive design, we provide you with relevant insights when you need them most, saving you time and effort in your quest for innovation.

Elevate your patent experience

Elevate your patent experience with a suite of features designed to simplify, innovate, and drive success.
Explore the multitude of ways IamIP can become an integral part of your intellectual property strategy.
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Customized Competitor Alerts

Receive tailored notifications based on specific parameters for personalized updates. This feature ensures that you are empowered with the knowledge needed to make strategic decisions, placing you ahead in the competitive landscape.

Centralized Platform

Collaborate on a centralized platform, fostering efficient teamwork and knowledge sharing, ensuring all team members and partners are on the same page.

Proactive Support and Seamless Assistance

Our team is seamlessly integrated into your workflow, ensuring you receive assistance when you need it. Just one click away, our support team is ready to address queries, provide guidance, and make your IamIP experience exceptional.

Customer-centric approach

Our customer-centric approach involves understanding your challenges, defining workflows, and providing tailored user training. Your success is our mission, and your personal IamIP coach ensures you unlock the full potential of our platform.


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patent documents every week


legal status changes every week

Empowering innovation through comprehensive solutions

Discover how patent management can be transformed into a streamlined, efficient process.
Risk mitigation

Proactively identify and manage risks associated with intellectual property, saving costs and avoiding legal challenges.






Secure collaborative hub

IamIP serves as a secure hub for IP collaboration. Mid-market businesses can confidently collaborate on sensitive patent-related projects.




Global access

IamIP opens the door to a wealth of global patent databases, granting you access to every patent in the world. Explore vast patent databases and obtain precise search results tailored to your needs.


Friendly-to-Use Interface

Experience a user-friendly platform that ensures accessibility and ease of use, empowering users of all levels.




Cross-Functional Collaboration

Facilitate seamless collaboration among patent attorneys, R&D teams, inventors, and executives, fostering diverse perspectives.



Freedom to operate

Proactively identify potential legal challenges, mitigating the risk of infringement issues. Conducting systematic FTO searches becomes a streamlined and efficient process, allowing you to make informed decisions

Our unique approach

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    Need Analysis

    Let’s get in touch - we love to understand your challenges and collaborate with you to solve them. We have discovered a new way to work with patent information and we would love to share our insight with you.

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    Best practice

    After starting the partnership our IP experts will get in touch to define workflows, give user trainings and boost your efficiency when working with patent information.

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    Your success is our mission! Your personal IamIP coach will follow up regularly to ensure that you always obtain the full advantage of the IamIP Platform. Constant improvements and regular updates of our platform will make sure that you always receive the newest features at your fingertips. And don’t forget: if you need help, we are just one click away!

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    Being part of the IamIP community gives you access to a unique content such as webinars, conferences and blogs. But most importantly we value your input and will leverage your feedback to help shape the future of patent information.

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IamIP Community

As an IamIP customer, you have the opportunity to join the IamIP Community. This community serves as a platform for IamIP customers to engage, interact, and share ideas amongst themselves. It is exclusively coordinated by and for IamIP customers.

Our partners

IamIP can provide companies with a comprehensive IP patent platform, industry expertise, global reach and ongoing advancement, in order to drive business impact and boost innovation.


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Dive into our sase studies for insights and success stories:

Sartorius, a valued client, recognizes the challenge of efficiently monitoring patents. To streamline the process, we collaborated to develop a feature that enhances user experience and expedites patent monitoring.


TRUMPF, a leading force in industrial manufacturing for nearly a century, embraced innovation by transitioning from two separate patent platforms to IamIP's streamlined solution, revolutionizing their patent management.

Uhlmann Group

The Uhlmann Group, known for its innovative solutions in sensitive goods packaging, turned to IamIP to enhance their IP management. Discover how IamIP improved organizational structures, heightened IP awareness, and provided a user-friendly platform for Uhlmann.

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