How to Use IamIP in the Lifetime of a Patent

How to use IamIP in the lifetime of a patent banner

A patent is 20 years valid in general. During this time, it goes through various steps and numerous procedures must be followed. Even before filing a patent, you spend several hours in drafting a patent application. For this reason, in IamIP we have developed our platforms to support you in these stages of a patent lifetime and to secure your developments and productions.

During this webinar we will show you how you can work with IamIP to be on the right track in your patent strategy. 

Why should you use tools to digitalize the process?

  • Save time
  • Transparent workflow
  • Increase innovation
  • Minimize risk
  • Reduce paper

Lifecycle of a patent

  • Drafting
  • Filing date
  • Publication date
  • Decision: Granted or Rejected
  • Deadline observations
  • Maintenance
  • Expiration

How can IamIP help you during the lifetime of a patent?

IamIP has developed tools to help you handle your patent strategy from the pre-filing stage with our Idea Database, to the prosecution stage and the maintenance stage with our Patent Platform and its features.

Pre-filing stage:

  • Collect your ideas
  • Assessment of ideas
  • Making decisions
  • Prior-art searches


  • Monitor patent market
  • Watch application status
  • Freedom to operate


  • Legal Status Watch
  • Freedom to operate

You can collect idea information that will be crucial in your decision making with IamIP’s Idea Database and the Prior Art Search function of the patent platform. By creating monitoring and watch any relevant document, you can remain on track with your strategy and one of the most important assets or digitalizing your processes is being able to always stay one step ahead. You can achieve this with an organized storage system and by sharing the information with your team and colleagues.

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