How to Work Collaboratively with Patents

During this webinar patent experts, Dimitris Giannoccaro and Zack Amir, provided an in-depth look into the complexities of collaborative patent workflows. They explored the nuances of patent collaboration, discussed how automation can enhance efficiency and accuracy in patent processes, and shared strategies for integrating technology and IP workflows to boost innovation and protect intellectual assets. 

More specifically, the webinar addressed the following main topics:

What are the challenges surrounding patent collaboration?

  • Visibility and Accessibility: Difficulties in ensuring that all stakeholders have visibility and access to relevant IP data, potentially leading to information silos.
  • Task Management: Challenges in creating, assigning, and tracking tasks effectively without a streamlined workflow, which may result in missed deadlines or overlooked responsibilities.
  • Communication Overheads: Increased communication overhead due to poor integration of communication tools (e.g., triggering mails, setting reminders) within the IP management workflow.


Solutions were proposed on how to get everyone involved depending on if the user prefers a centralized or decentralized approach in the patent folder organization.  

Dimitris Giannoccaro did a live demonstration of the IamIP platform  presenting the benefits of collaboration and how the users of IamIP can achieve it effectively and with ease. Some of the featured showcased were: workflows, sharing function, taggings, ranking and custom solutions. The demonstration took into consideration the two approaches: centralized and decentralized and presented a structured storage as well.

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