IamIP unveils a new innovation feature including a template to evaluate new ideas.

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Global online patent platform IamIP is releasing a new range of invention disclosure features. The new features, released today, include the ability to submit new technical ideas, share the ideas with selected colleagues, and evaluate them directly in the IamIP platform. The new features even allow you to create a company specific workflow, including how to upload, the type of question it answered, and the type of IP protection for the designated idea.


The new invention disclosure feature is built directly into IamIP’s platform and contains the ability to search through your inventions, upload new inventions and instantly decide through a workflow if you want to file a patent or keep it a trade secret. The workflow allows you to create a tailor-made process where multiple stakeholders can be involved in the evaluation chain that fits your companies IP strategy. This means that you can now keep ideas a trade secret until you are ready to file a patent application without feeling that you may miss out anything important by not sanctioning internal collaboration.

The new feature, along with new templates and workflow options, creates a streamlined and easy to use platform designed to allow R&D engineers and scientists to easily be able to upload any technical idea, instantly start an evaluation process, and create a document that they can hand over to a patent attorney. All the ideas are stored within IAMIPs database and can always be found based on your search criteria’s.

“There’s nothing more rewarding than finally getting to launch a feature our customers have been requesting for a long time “, says Viktor Rudolf (Chief Product Officer).

This brand-new invention disclosure has been tested with our customers and therefore we can say that the feature mimics the real environment in a technology company.

IamIP started out as a platform to support technology companies to keep track of their competitors patents and to make sure that they always have the freedom to operate (FTO). The patent platform today is used by more than 5000 users from 20 countries, creating automated alerts to follow their competitor, technology evolution, and more. Only last week over 100.000 patent documents were published and 1 million legal changes occurred in our system.

The new feature is available today to IamIP users and there has never been a more critical time for sharing patent information internally in companies and creating new ideas to patent, particularly within the ongoing pandemic. As technology companies work to keep their staff and management team informed, thousands of engineers look to kick-start their own business intelligence with their technology teams to stay connected despite being apart and remotely located.

“While this product update will add even more value to IAMIP growing repertoire of innovation capabilities, we hope they’ll also go a long way in keeping R&D engineers and scientists connected, creative and together”, says Viktor Rudolf (Chief Product Officer).



IamIP has digitalized one of the last few paper-based and manually handled industries, the complex intellectual property industry. This industry is plagued by complexity with over 3 M new patents filed every year (and growing), and an estimated $20Bn+ wasted on double work in R&D in Europe alone. IamIP’s platform enables technology-based companies to easily access and evaluate patent portfolios, monitor competitors, and technology changes to acquire valuable strategic insights – in time – for determining decision-making in innovation.

For more information on IamIP, please visit www.iamip.com.



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Dr. Philipp Wallraf
COO, IamIP Sverige AB
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