How to Maximize Success with Collaboration

Are you a lone wolf or a teamplayer? Intellectual property is a complex business that is hard to be handled by only one person at a company. However, it is still the case that an IP Manager or a patent engineer is responsible for all IP matters. 

During this webinar, patent attorney Maximilian Knaus from WSL Patentanwälte and IamIP tool expert and customer success lead Fabian Tanalski gave their insights on why it is important to involve collaboration in your IP business and how it can help you maximize success and stay ahead of competition.

Why do we need collaboration? 

Things are getting more and more complicated, due to some macro factors such as:

  • Ecological transformation
  • Digital transformation
  • Asian competition
  • Venture capital

Changes are also being noticed in the IP landscape, such as:

  • Front-loaded litigation systems
  • Patent flooding
  • Private equity start-ups
  • Strategic patents

With all that we understand that it’s very hard for someone to manage all the IP matters of a company alone and delegating the tasks and getting help by colleagues is an iminent need.

There are so many tasks for someone to complete in an IP department like a prior art search, setting up monitorings, creating a patent portfolio and many more which make the workload very heavy and time to never seem enough.

Who should you involve and how should you delegate the tasks?

People who should be involved in the process include:

  • IP Manager (Patent Engineer)
  • Engineer
  • Management
  • Product Manager
  • Market Researcher
  • Patent Attorney

Who will check the competition/technology?

  • IP Manager (Patent Engineer)
  • Engineer
  • Market Researcher
  • Product Manager

What will be done with the relevant documents?

  • Categorizing
  • Storing in archive
  • Sharing with other colleague for feedback
  • Reaching out to Patent Attorney
  • Monitoring

What to do after the process?

  • Creating knowledge database/archive
  • Sharing information for innovation

A good collaboration system that involves different departmens, from Management to the IP Manager, to Marketing and Sales can use IP as an assett and stay ahead of competition.

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