Real time collaboration

IAMIP cements its position as a collaboration platform

As remote working quickly becomes the norm, people are searching and finding new ways to interactively collaborate and exchange information about patents, resulting in a big drive and need for true real-time collaboration.

Analysing and commenting patents collaboratively in real-time is here to stay whether it be between engineering teams of small enterprises curious about competitor patents, or in large enterprises keeping their eyes on the competitive landscape to obtain FTO (Freedom To Operate) or within academia to make sure to not re-invent the wheel.

Great innovations materialize when people come together to bring all know-how in one central place, and IAMIPs new feature offers such a platform for everyone – no matter how big or small your team may be. Today, we are launching a new feature to help every technology team to work better together.

IamIP is rolling out a real-time collaboration feature that allows you to exchange patent information with edit permission. The other people can then login to their respective IamIP account and simultaneously collaborate on the same patent.

We are very proud to announce this new major improvement in our IamIP platform with the latest release of our enhanced “Real-time collaboration” feature.

To learn more about how IamIP enables innovation by collaboration and how your company could benefit from this book a demo here.

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