IamIP Announces New Partnership with Patentest  

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The fast-growing global patent platform IamIP is excited to announce a new partnership with Patentest, a leading European patent information and analysis group.  

This partnership signifies a notable milestone for both companies and paves the way not only for growth and innovation in the Intellectual Property landscape, but also for more exciting opportunities for the users of the platform.  

This collaboration brings together the strengths and the capabilities of a platform like IamIP, with the expertise of a consultancy company like Patentest, thus leveraging their combined resources to deliver improved service. The two companies aim to create a synergistic alliance that will enhance the experience of the customers within the platform. 

“I am confident in the development of the IamIP platform and in the services and support we can provide from Patentest, so I think that this partnership provides a great opportunity for both companies and our clients .”Zack Amir, co-founder of Patentest.

Key highlights of the partnership

The key highlights of this partnership include:  

  1. IamIP users will have a direct access to professional patent information services through Patentest. Users will get support setting-up their monitorings, but also advice regarding other patent information services.  
    • Monitoring Construction: An expert will be available to guide the IAMIP users through the construction of the monitoring strategy to make sure the results they get are accurate and filtered.  It will be made sure that they have all the information they need, depending on the technology or the competitor they’re monitoring.  
    • Freedom to Operate Search: A patent information specialist will be on hand to counsel any IAMIP user through a Freedom to Operate search, making sure they are viewing all the information they need in order to evaluate the risk for infringements.  
    • State of the Art Search: Patentest will assist IamIP users with landscaping a competitor or a specific technology through a wider search that will provide them with all the information they need.  
    • Patentability: a patentability assessment will also be available to make sure the IAMIP user has   got all the information needed and a patentability  opinion.  
    • IP Strategy Construction: there will be the opportunity for any IamIP user to receive guidance on how to protect their product and how to proceed with their overall IP strategy.  
  2. IamIP Users will get the support within the platform, without them needing to find complementary solutions somewhere else, thus making it easier having their projects aligned in one place. The right information, for the right purpose, at the right time will be available to them.  
  3. IamIP users will ultimately save time and money. They will reduce the risk of missing valuable information and will increase the possibilities to make sound business decisions.

 “If we see that we can help clients with the monitorings and other services then we know we have succeeded because we see that the client actually needs it. We have the experience, training, method, and tools that can help the users every step of the way.”Zack Amir, co-founder of Patentest.

“IamIP´s already strong collaborative patent information platform serves thousands of engineers and scientist today. Our partnership with Patentest makes sense for our customers who need support from patent search specialist during the journey to stay ahead of competition.” – Dimitris Giannoccaro, IamIP´s co-founder and CEO.

By combining their knowledge, resources, and vision both IamIP and Patentest are confident that they will be better positioned to address the evolving needs of their customers in the Intellectual Property space. 

About IamIP

 IamIP is one of the world’s most innovative patent search, monitoring & analytics platforms. With a deep understanding of the value of IP assets, IamIP empowers companies and law firms to collaborate in order to understand industry trends and competitor activity, drive business impact and boost innovation.

IamIP’s belief is that innovation is at the heart of progress and success. The company’s mission is to help organizations leverage their intellectual property to drive growth and streamline the entire IP lifecycle. With the help of sophisticated and intuitive business tools, companies can easily manage, analyze, and visualize patent data in combination with business information.

With presence in 3 different countries and over 5000 active users worldwide, IamIP enables global access to patents and provides reviews in 80 different languages.

About Patentest:  

The patent information company Patentest was founded in 2004 in Israel under the trademark of New-Tone patent search. The company has quickly established itself as the largest patent search company in Israel. Over the years the company is established in Sweden, United Kingdom and in the USA. Patentest’s mission is to bring inventors closer to the world of patents and spread the know-how and knowledge about Intellectual property rights in general.

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