IamIP User Day Conference- Cologne 2023

IamIP’s first ever User Day Conference in German was held last week, on Thursday September 28th in Cologne.

The User Day Conference was a remarkable opportunity for us to meet some of our customers but also to bring together industry experts, and dedicated professionals. We were very happy to see such an enthusiastic turnout and the invaluable contributions made by everyone in attendance.

Our day kicked off with a nice breakfast and some one-on-one meetings between our clients and the customer success team. It was a great way for our team to discuss questions, suggestions, and any other matter regarding the platform with the participants.

The main part of the conference was initiated with a welcoming speech by our CPO Viktor Rudolf about IamIP’s latest updates, features and a look of what is to come in the future.

The day continued with a very interesting presentation by Daniel Knauer from TRUMPF, a brief overview of the 100-year history of Trumpf, an insight into the development of an in-house office and the company’s work with the IamIP platform. He particularly gave insights as to how TRUMPF uses IamIP’s toolkit on their daily activities with a special focus on the monitoring function.

We were also very excited that Dr. Heiner Flocke, CEO of iC-Haus GmbH & President of patentverein.de could join and share his insights with us. His speech was about showcasing defense positions against patent attacks which were particularly aimed at medium-sized participants in the patent system.

The last speaker of the day was Maximilian Knaus, European Patent Litigator and partner at WSL Patentanwälte mbB. His presentation addressed sustainable patents and the issue of building the environmental legislation into your IP strategy. In this talk, we examine key IP decisions that will help a business to transform more successfully into new market opportunities.

Our day ended with Mitja Schonecke’s presentation about the IamIP Community and how more people can join and with an interesting roundtable discussion between our speakers and the participants of the conference.

Thank you to everyone who helped in the organization of this event, and thank you especially to everyone who participated, thus making it a very educational and eye-opening event!

See you all again very soon!

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