IamIP Kick-off meeting & 10 year anniversary celebration in Poland

Group photo of the IamIP team during the kick-off

The IamIP team gathered in Gdansk, Poland a few days ago for two very important reasons:

It was time for our annual kick-off meeting but more than that, we wanted to be all together in order to celebrate the ten-year anniversary of IamIP.  

Our colleagues from Sweden, Poland and Germany came together for two days of workshops, team- building, a look into the history of IamIP and some fun!

Kick-off meetings always hold a special meaning for IamIP since it’s one of the few opportunities we have during the year, where the three offices from three different countries can be together at the same time and place.  This year’s was even more special, as the ten-year anniversary of IamIP was also celebrated.

Our kick-off in Gdansk started off with some inspiring speeches from the IamIP founders highlighting the history of the company. We also set goals and expressed our ambitions about what we want to achieve for the year to come.  

Workshops, bonding, and fun activities followed, providing the team with a great opportunity to get to know each other even better, work together but also compete with each other during some fun games.   

Our time together ended with a guided tour around the beautiful city of Gdansk and dinner.

Lots of laughs were shared, many conversations were held and now we are ready to look at the future with more optimism, ready to always grow and become better.   

Thank you to everyone for organizing and participating in such a special trip!

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