IamIP User Day Conference 2022

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IamIP’s User Day Conference 2022 was held on October 12th-13th in Cologne, Germany!

After two years of meeting digitally, it was a great pleasure getting to see many of our platform users again.

It was an important event where experts from the Intellectual Property industry could meet and exchange experiences and ideas.

Day 1 of the conference kicked off with a speech from out CEO, Dimitris Giannoccaro, and our CPO, Viktor Rudolf, about IamIP’s latest updates and looks in the future.

The day continued with a speech by Michael Kloskowski from Felix Schoeller who talked about IP Management in a family-owned paper business. A very enlightening speech that sparked engrossing conversations between our attendees.

We, then, had the pleasure of having Savita Mundrigi and Johan Hultman from Sartorius who, along with the IamIP CPO Viktor Rudolf, offered a very interesting presentation regarding Artificial Intelligence and how it can help and improve the monitoring process.

After some fun quizzes and discussions, Maximilian Knaus  from WSL Patentanwälte, shared his expertise as German and European Patent Attorney with our participants, regarding the issue of Unitary Patent System. We got some useful insight into what it is and how it can be used strategically.

Our day ended with an engaging speech by Dr. Ing. Frank Zeihsel, from Synnovating who addressed the issue of the systematic improvement of patents from a technical point of view in order to make the patents stronger and more enhanced.

It was a great first day, with many thought-provoking conversations and exchange of ideas between experts of the intellectual property industry.

Day 2 of the conference was filled with a workshop which was designed by our customer success experts for the participants.

The attendees got hands-on training on issues regarding IP and the IamIP platform. More specifically, through a fictive case, training was provided on on how to:

– Prepare their organization and define team goals and roles​​
– Handle the IP matters in their key project​
– Setup a competitor and technology tracking process
– Extract and document the risk status

The participants had a chance to collaborate with each other and completed all the steps of the workshop successfully while fully utilizing the functions of the IamIP platform.

Thank you to everyone who helped in the organization of this event, and thank you especially to everyone who participated thus making it a very educational and eye-opening event!

See you all again very soon!

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